Over many years of building various keyboard instruments I have collected a wide and varied assortment of materials. Some quite precious and some not so. I often tell myself that this is the year I will use that veneer or that I have just the project for those hinges I've been saving.

Time's up! Some things will just never get done and though I may well regret it, I am doing a serious spring cleaning and some of my collection will have to go. Take a look and check back often as items will certainly come and go quickly.














Brass Hinges - These hinges were made by a well known maker and are the highest quality


Threaded pins - These pins were often used under harpsichord jacks for height regulation. They are drilled and threaded. Four sizes available.

                          A          B          C          D

Total length       1 7/8"    1 1/2"    1 1/4"    13/16"

Shank length     1 1/4"      7/8"       1/2"        1/4"        

Shank Diameter    1/8"    3/16"     3/16"      3/16"

Key coverings - Black plastic key coverings. Now out of fashion for most harpsichord builders, these unique sets are a rare find. Use them for an instrument or just keep them around because they're cool. But them by the octave or the fifth. A limited number of key-front strips are also available.

Exotic Woods - Very high quality Ebony, Rosewood, and assorted other exotics in small but usable sizes. I have very nice material that is great for guitar bridges and nuts, inlay work and accents. Some of this material is quite old and I just don't think I will ever have the time to use it. Maybe you do.

Veneer - beautiful veneer in Burls, Crotches, matched sets, and cutoffs. If you don't see what you want just ask, I may have what you are looking for.

Music Wire - various types of music wire by the string, foot, or pound. I have limited quantities of soft iron, low tensile and high tensile steel, steel hex wire, and closed wound copper over steel wire.


Please send me a request at info@clavichords.com and I will quote the price for the items of interest.

Shipping and handling costs are extra. Prices do not include local and state taxes and are subject to change without notice. Domestic shipping will be by UPS unless noted. All items must be prepaid and domestic delivery will be by standard UPS rates and times. International deliveries are also available through DHL or FedEx.

Payments can be made by Check, Bank Transfer, or PayPal.


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