These are the original Carl Fudge Clavichord Kits. They are quite certainly the finest kit clavichords available. No discussion of clavichords in our time would be complete without mention of the Carl Fudge clavichord kit. Mr. Fudge was clearly at the forefront of the development of kit building and his lifelong passion for the clavichord clearly shows in the instruments and designs that came out of his shop.

We currently offer three clavichords in kit form. All come compete and ready for assembly. If you wish a head start, you may choose to have the case pre-assembled by us.

The Small clavichord is a copy of an unsigned German instrument from the end of the seventeenth century. The instrument is fretted,  double strung, and 43" long, 12.5" wide and 4.5" high. It weighs about 20 pounds. The original instrument is tuned with a short octave in the bass, giving it a four-octave range of C/E-c3. Our copy may be tuned like the original, or the bass may be tuned chromatically, E-c3. While you may set the tangents for many different temperaments, we provide the measurements for tuning in mean tone, werkmiester III, and equal temperament.

The Schiedmäyer clavichord is copied after a beautiful instrument by Johann Schiedmäyer labeled "Neustadt an der Aisch, 1796". The original is at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The Schiedmäyer clavichord is double strung, unfretted, and is 61" long, 19.25" wide, and 5.75" high. It weighs about 70 pounds. This clavichord has a keyboard of 63 notes giving it a five octave range of FF-g3.

The Hubert clavichord is modeled after an instrument by Christian Gottlob Hubert, Ansbach, 1782. It has a keyboard range of C – g3, 56 notes. The clavichord is double strung and fretted. Keys 1-17 in the bass are unfretted. This is a fine example of good clavichord design and it is as beautiful to look at as it is to hear and play! Set the tangents to the temperament of your choice as you are building the clavichord. The clavichord weighs about 45 pounds and is easily transported from concert to studio. It is 141cm x 35.5cm.

Each clavichord kit contains nearly all the materials from which the instrument will be built. The kit builder will need to provide a few common hand tools needed for the assembly, and whatever finish, such as oil or paint, that is desired.

The case parts of the clavichord kits are made of solid wood, with the walls, cheeks and corresponding parts of American Cherry. Kits are also available in White Oak and Mahogany upon special request.The soundboard is quarter-sawn of the finest tone quality Spruce. The key levers are made of Basswood for a lifetime of trouble free service. The key naturals are covered with Cherry or Ebony depending on the instrument and your taste. Various other key top woods are available upon request. The Hubert and Schiedmäyer clavichord kits come with turned legs. The parts are carefully cut to fit and ready for assembly.

Stands of various designs are available as are padded covers and hard travel cases.

The instruction manual takes you through every step of the construction in great detail and includes many helpful illustrations. I addition, I am available by phone or email to answer any questions that may arise regarding the construction of the kit.

Hear the Carl Fudge Clavichord kit


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